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  • Can I bring my own pedals or seat?
    Many guests bring their own pedals and seats. We will be happy to install them on your bike.
  • What are the terms and conditions?
    DEPOSIT To reserve your tour we require a deposit of US$ 300 per person. A confirmation packet of pre-departure materials will be sent to you within one day of receipt of your deposit. BALANCE The balance for your tour is due 60 days before departure. CANCELLATION If you must cancel your tour the cancellation penalties are as follows: 90+ days: US$ 100 60-90 days: Loss of the full deposit 30-60 days: Full deposit plus 50% of the final payment 30-0 days: 100% of the tour price SWITCHING TOURS You can transfer any payments to another departure in the next 12 months.
  • Should I ride an e-bike?
    E-bikes handle like regular bikes and can be a good alternative for those who have a partner who is a stronger cyclist. E-bikes can also be helpful for those who are recovering from injury or just want to do a more challenging tour. E-bikes are heavier (50 plus pounds) than regular bikes and require some strength and balance particularly when mounting and dismounting. If you have trouble with balance or have not ridden a bike in years an e-bike may not be for you. If in doubt try an e-bike at your local bike shop to see what it's like.
  • Will my cell phone work in Europe?
    Your phone should work in Europe, but you should consult your provider to understand the costs. Roaming costs can be high. Some providers offer a travel package which can be less expensive than roaming. If you have an unlocked dual-band GSM phone you can buy a European SIM card. If your phone is not unlocked you can purchase a cheap European cell phone (not smart phone) with a prepaid plan. This will cost about 50 Euro.
  • I like a particular tour, but I woudl like it to be one night less. Can you shorten it?"
    Yes, we can adjust the number of nights on any tour. Email us at and we can work on the details.
  • What is a "Single Supplement""
    Our tour prices are based on double room occupancy. A single supplement is a surcharge to cover the higher per person cost of the single room. In other words we ask for a single supplement for single room occupancy.
  • Where do I get travel insurance?
    Charnes Tours does not get a finder's fee for sending clients to a particular insurer. With many insurance providers to choose from we encourage you to google "travel insurance review". You will find multiple website that compare insurers.
  • I am alone. Can I do a self-guided tour by myself?
    Yes. We can run our self-guided tours with one person.
  • How do I get back to a larger city when the tour is over?
    Transportation options vary from town to town. Most tours end in or near a town with good train or bus connections. Options are explained in the Detailed Itinerary for each tour (on the individual tour page click "Detailed Itinerary"). If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help with your pre or post-tour travel plans.
  • Can I talk to someone who has done this tour?
    Yes. We can provide references.
  • Can I rent a bike without taking a tour?
    Yes. Please see our webpage about bike rentals.
  • Can I do longer rides?
    Yes. On almost all tours we offer options for longer riders.
  • Do you have helmets we can use?
    Yes. We can provide helmets at no additional charge.
  • How far in advance should I book my self-guided tour?
    You can book a self-guided tour at any time. People have reserved with as little as two days' advance notice. However, sometimes hotel availability can be a problem. Our first choice hotels can fill up. The more advance notice we have the better chance we have of reserving our favorites. In the event that a place is full we can always find a room in a different hotel. In most cases this alternative hotel is similar to our favorite hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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