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Self-Guided Bike Tours in Italy

Self-Guided Bike Trips, From 2 to 7 Nights

Flexible Starting Dates

You can start your self-guided bike tour whenever you want. We have complete flexibility with the starting dates. Start any day March 1 through December 1. You can begin any day of the week, Monday through Sunday.

Why a Self-Guided Bike Tour

Explore at your own pace. We provide detailed route notes, luggage transfers, great accommodations, restaurant suggestions, and sightseeing notes. You choose the dates. We take care of the details.

What If It Rains?

On self-guided tours there is no van support. But, we do move your luggage. If it rains you can catch a ride with us when we move your bags, just call to make arrangements.

*Not available on Self-Guided Umbria and Puglia Bike Tours

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