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Looking for an Italian Vacation?



Cycling in Italy makes for a perfect active vacation. On a bike tour in Italy you can experience quintessential landscapes, medieval walled villages, and exquisite cuisine. We offer multiple cycling holidays in Italy, but we specialize in self-guided bike tours in Tuscany. With tours ranging from two to eight nights we have the bike trip that matches your needs. Our self-guided cycling trips don't have set dates. You choose dates and we organize your dream vacation.

hiking TOURS


Hiking in Italy you can explore the countryside at a leisurely pace. Our walking holidays in Italy take you off the beaten path through ancient hamlets and pristine landscapes. In the Cinque Terre you can hike coastal footpaths high above shimmering azure seas. In Tuscany cobblestone walkways lead to lush vineyards. In the Amalfi Coast you can explore the ruins of Pompeii and marvel at the beauty of Capri Island. With both guided and self-guided hiking tours to choose from, we have the walking holiday for you.



Our self-guided tours use the same hotels, routes, and activities as our guided trips.  The day to day experiences are the same.  The difference is the van support.  On self-guided trips you cycle or hike unaccompanied following detailed written route notes.  We provide a phone number you can call if you need assistance.  Every day we move your luggage.  If needs be you can get a ride with your bags. On guided trips you have a vehicle following you ready to give you a snack or a lift up a hill.

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